Thursday, February 28, 2013

Salted Caramel Macaron Ice Cream Sandiwch at Milk

Just updated the food blog with a new review!  This time it's about macaron ice cream sandwiches.  Yes, pretty novel, isn't it?  I've had ice cream sandwiches paired with the warmest chewiest cookies before, but I've never even thought of the idea of pairing the delicate French almond cookies with ice cream!  Apparently, they serve it in LA with lots of flavors to choose from.  Pictured above is the salted caramel choice.  They also serve it in red velvet, grasshopper (mint chocolate with an entire side dipped in chocolate), rocky road, thai tea, cookies & cream, pumpkin pie, and more!

This makes me really want to go to LA just to try it...

Click here if you want to read about it.

To answer the Hapi Mari novel question, I had mentioned in an earlier post that I still don't have enough time to translate it.  I'll open to having people who want to help out though, and maybe we can work out something together?  Message me if you want to help translate!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I scream, You scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Yes, I know the title is not terribly original…but I finally finished another post and updated the food blog.  This time it’s about Ici ice cream, a small artisan ice cream parlor in Berkeley.  They always change their flavors (with the exception of chocolate and vanilla), and offer interesting choices such as Bourbon Salted Pecan, Honey Chamomile, Persimmon Brandied Currant, Chicory Cinnamon, Saffron Coconut, Earl Grey, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip!  
God, I could go on forever about them…and every time, I’m just so tempted to get all 10 scoops of the day.  What’s so amazing about them is that it tastes exactly as it sounds!  (Though obviously I haven’t tried their curry flavored one…so I’m not sure).
Their ice cream is light and icy more than rich and creamy, but that suits me just fine (I feel like I’m eating less calories, hehe).  If you’re interested, click here to read about it!
I've been waiting for chapter 6 of Dear Brother to pop up...but it's still not out yet...tsk tsk.  I also picked up a new manga series called Otoyomegatari the other day, and omg...the art is gorgeous!  Even though some pages have nothing but pictures, I feel like nothing is wasted.  It's not meant to be a fast story in terms of plot movement, but it feels very natural...and omg, did I mention the art?  The drawings for the clothes, each patterned fabric, no matter how small the panel is, is painstakingly detailed.  It's definitely a change of pace from light titles like Hapi Mari, but so worth the read.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Updated Food Blog!

I’m a sucker for Starbucks, despite knowing their drinks are probably 90% dessert and 10% coffee (and even then it’s probably not top-notch coffee for the price I’m paying).  My friend went to this small coffee house down in Arcadia (SoCal) and really loved it, plus they had quirky bags of coffee beans labeled “Damn Handsome” coffee…which made me really want to go.  
Click here if you want to read about it!  Unfortunately I’m not anywhere near Arcadia at all…so I guess this will have to wait until I go to Disneyland or something.  Is it even near Disneyland?

Dear Brother Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 5 is a slight improvement from the last, but it still doesn't have any answers about the romantic development between Momo and Sougo.  So I suppose all of that happens in chapter 6?  This chapter was more centered on family ties and Aoba, so that bit is refreshing.  For those who want to follow the Chinese scans, please click here.

The chapter opens with Sougo slapping down a bunch of omiai (matchmaking) profiles for Momo to choose from, as an apology for rushing her into picking a partner earlier in the last chapter.  Momo sarcastically thinks that the way to happiness through marriage is outdated thinking, but Aoba points out that she was the one who wanted to spend the rest of her life with someone else in the first place.  He suggests that even though the pictures may not fit Momo's taste at first glance, she may strike up a relationship with the guy once she meets them.  This brings up Momo's memory of Sougo's pretend kiss in the earlier chapter, and she blushes just thinking about it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

News on Chapter 6

I've been tired of waiting for Chapter 5 to come out (and it's still not out yet) curious, I went on to Petit just to see which series is going to be the cover next...when I saw this thing that totally freaked me out.

In bold orange, it says, "I love you.  Even not as a brother."
In pink, it says, "Momo has realized her feelings, but she has to keep them a secret..."'
Finally in black on the bottom, "Elder brother Sougo is a special presence to Momo.  Perplexed by her inability to lie to herself about her feelings, a person who knows about Sougo's 'past' appears...?"

OK...Chapter 5 better have some damn good explanations for this.  Because I'm going to drop it quick if they're real siblings.  On the other hand...I think it's a bit disappointing if there's just some simple excuse saying that the parents picked Sougo up as an orphan or something...

Sigh...I don't know what I want, but I honestly hope Enjouji Maki will make it good.

On another note, just wanted to let you all know that I'm still up for open collaboration for the novel translations.  Drop me a message, and we can work things out~

On the other hand, I just updated the food blog with a dessert post.  Click here if you want to read~