Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meringue Caramel Epice

Sorry I haven't made a post in ages! I've had to put both this and the food blog on hold for a while because of how busy I'm with work (which while I feel guilty about, I'm also extremely happy that it's because I've finally found a job I love at an amazing company!) 

I took the liberty to update the food blog first. This dessert is called Meringue Caramel Epice, which is a concoction of all the basics, like French meringue, whipped cream, and a spiced caramel pastry cream. I've actually bookmarked the recipe for ages but was a bit afraid of trying a spiced dessert (since they remind me of icky Costco fruit cakes). However, a classic dessert called pain d'epice came up in one of the episodes of Shitsuren Chocolatier and I was so intrigued by the idea I finally had to make it. 

The caramel cream is actually super yummy! I ate it by the spoonful when I ran out of meringue shells to layer it with :) 

If you're interested in the recipe, please click here!

I've also noticed that Dear Brother chapters have come out, so I'll try to make an update tomorrow (as well as read them of course). I've not been checking as regularly since my interest in the story has kinda waned, but hopefully the two latest chapters have some kind of exciting change to them! (Enjouji-sensei, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll work your magic)