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Hapi Mari novel: Update 1 1/2!

In contrast to myself, Hokuto is, as usual, in business attire.  He's dressed in a custom-tailored suit with an expensive necktie, his smart black hair neatly parted to the right.  With a defined nose bridge set between immaculate eyebrows and eyes so cold that they look almost cruel, he's undisputably a handsome man.  But handsome isn't entirely the correct word.  He projects more of a flawless mature image.  Hokuto brushes the paper bits off his hair and briskly goes to his room.

"I'm going to change."

"...Then should I change as well?"

Absently, I sigh at his blunt attitude.  Upon hearing it, Hokuto stops and turns around.



"You dressed up for me, right?  If so, you can't change out of it without my permission."

So he knew what I was thinking.  Then he should have just honestly complimented me.


I smile despite myself, a little distressed that I can become happy so easily at his beck and call.  I think my standards for happiness have become too low.  Anyhow, I return to the living room to put the finishing touches on dinner, my footsteps echoing throughout the hallway.  For appetizers, we have an avocado salad tossed with prosciutto, and tomato and olive canapes.  This is followed with a cheese fondue, french bread, and roast chicken.  I also splurged on champagne.  My homemade cake didn't turn out as nice as I wanted, but overall I think this is a nice dinner.  There's nothing that Hokuto doesn't like either.

"All right, perfect!"

Just as I rearrange the dishes once more, Hokuto arrives in the room.  He has taken off his outer coat and suit jacket and loosened his necktie, but he still has his shirt and pants on.

"Eh, weren't you going to change?"

"You're having a Christmas party, right?"

"So you're staying in work clothes to match me?"

"We can't only have the wife all pretty and dressed up now, can we," said Hokuto passingly as he took his seat.

He said I was pretty!  Taken by surprise, I hurriedly sit opposite of him.  A table set perfectly for two and a Christmas for just the two of us.  I cannot contain my happiness.

"I know it's early, but Merry Christmas!" I chirp happily and raise my champagne glass.  Hokuto also raised his glass and clinked with mine.

"...Merry Christmas."

Huh?  His response seems a bit subdued and he has been avoiding my eyes earlier.

"Hokuto?  Is it the champagne?" I ask.  With a resigned look, Hokuto shakes his head gently.

"No, it's not that...it's just that this weekend, I'll be taking an overseas trip for one week."

"Eh, a business trip?" I remark, almost spilling my champagne over.  We already have little time to ourselves to spend together, and now he needs to take a business trip overseas.  And for an entire week too!

"Didn't you just return from an three-week overseas trip just recently?"

"I've just been handed the overseas department and I have to entertain the client CEO.  He has influences over several areas, and I need to be in his best favor."

In other words, to please the client, Hokuto has no choice but to take a quick overseas trip.

"...I see.  Well, do your best Hokuto!"

I put down my bubbly champagne on the table and gave him a thumbs up.  As president of Mamiya's Business Affairs, Hokuto has to work to gain the most benefits.  And by doing that, he has achieved today's results.  As his wife, I need to be understanding.  I need to support him.

"But is your schedule alright?  To suddenly have to accommodate this trip and rearrange other work?"

"It should be alright since I've left Souma to rearrange things.  It's just that I have craploads of things to tend to before the trip, and I may be even later in returning home tomorrow.  Or I might not return at all."

"Ah, as usual," I stabbed the chicken with my fork absentmindedly.

"How scary.  But I relax whenever I see you."

"Eh, really?"

"You're so simple and easy to understand."

"Should I take that as a compliment?"

Hokuto ignores my comment and brings the precisely cut chicken to his mouth.


"Right, right?  It took me a lot of time to make this.  And the ingredients cost more than usual too."

"Costs?  Hmm...that's unexpected.  For you to think so carefully about these things."

"What do you mean unexpected.  Even if I look like this, I'm still a proper housewife," I say.  I know there's no need to budget my expenses as his wife.  Hokuto earns a lot, and he's indifferent about money compared to me.  If I'm not careful, I'm afraid that one day I may become an extravagant spender with no limit.  As Hokuto places another bite of chicken in his mouth, he said, "Why don't we go together to the supermarket next time?"

"Eh?  Hokuto to the supermarket?"

His unexpected words stimulated many images in my mind.  Hokuto holding a basket as he browsed through the aisles.  Hokuto getting irritated when trying to open the flimsy thin plastic bags.  Hokuto carrying an eco-bag.


"What are you laughing at?"

"I...wasn't laughing...haha.  It doesn't really suit you...haha.  I'm just a little surprised."

"You are laughing.  I was trying to be nice and you're getting all cocky."  Hokuto affected a deeper tone and plonked his glass on the table.  What's with his scary glare.  Or rather, why is he speaking like those villans in movies.


I tense up as he stands up silently.  Hokuto briskly walks to my side and I thought he was going to just give me a dirty glare.  Suddenly, he swoops down and kisses me.


I tried to escape from his sudden kiss, but his large hands capture me and hold me down.  When I opened my eyes, all I could see was him, his image blurry from being so close.  What was that all of a sudden?!  We're in the middle of dinner for goodness!  All the retorts I have are swallowed down by his aggressive kiss.  His lips transfer warmth to mine, and all strength has suddenly gone from my arms.  The knife and fork drop onto the floor.  'I need to pick those up,' I think in the corner of my mind.  But all my thoughts melt away and disappear.  My mind goes numb, and before I realized it, I've slipped my tongue into his mouth.  But at that exact moment, Hokuto separates from me and returns to his seat.

"Huh...?  Ho-Hokuto?"

"If you beg me, I'll reward you in bed."


What do you mean beg?  You were the one who kissed me first!  I turn bright red and speechless while he coolly reaches for a canape, unruffled by what had just happened.

"What was that kiss all about then?!"

"Discipline," he answers nonchalantly.


What nonsense is that?  He is handsome, smart, and he earns a lot.  But his personality is flawed, and very much so.

"Hokuto I..."

"Hokuto I what?"

Hate you, I wanted to scream.  It was supposed to be a loveless contract marriage.  And on top of that, he has a bad personality.  But before I knew it, I had fallen hopelessly in love and he can read my feelings like an open book.  Frustrated by his laidback expression, I thump the small box on the table.

"What's that?" Hokuto asks, a bit surprised.

"Your Christmas present!  Of course it's nothing big at all..."

"I'm going to open it then."

Comment: Phew, longer post than usual!  But I hope to keep my updates about this length, or longer if I can manage.  The book actually doesn't have chapters, so I can't do a chapter by chapter basis honestly.  Wording this has been, well, a little more troublesome than usual, but I hope it captures the mood.  And thanks for all the feedback guys.  To the 1st or 3rd person question- honestly I don't think it changes the book a whole lot if I do either, because all I will be doing is switching from "I" to "she".  But anyways, I suppose I'll keep it in first since that's what most want?  I was blushing while reading the kiss scene, and skimming some parts of the book where there was even more than that (look forward to those!).  I don't know if anyone else has ever felt this way when reading love/kiss scenes in books in Chinese or Japanese, but I always feel like the language is more raw than when I read it in English.  Also, I hope I can stick to weekly updates, but no promises though.

And on a side note completely unrelated to Hapi Mari, has anyone read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It's one of the best books I've read in a while that I cannot put down.  The pages flew by, and I was racing to the finish last night until 3 am with the second book, Catching Fire.  The language is simple and easy to understand so it makes for a really fast read, but the story is amazing.  The plot is so gripping and jarring, and I felt emotionally drained after it (but in a good way of course).  I was doubtful first because I usually don't pick up novels about dystopian societies, and what was more, that it was marketed for teenagers.  Ever since the young adult section in Barnes and Noble became marred by vampire love stories and other paranormal romances, I've become more than afraid to venture into it.  But this is different, and although I think in some parts the language can be more graceful, it was more than worth my time.  For those that haven't read yet, I hope you can find as much enjoyment as I have.


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